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Multimode and Its Application in Climate Analysis

WANG Lei,KANG Dujuan,LI Xiaodong   

  1. Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2000-12-05 Online:2002-01-20 Published:2002-01-20



  1. 北京大学地球物理系,北京,100871

Abstract: The probability distributions of climatic elements are discussed. Based on the characters of them, a multimode model is introduced and verified through the nonlinear fitting. The climate features of quasi-biennial oscillation of the stratospheric zonal wind over equator, the ENSO Index, the surface pressure at Reykjavik(21.90°W 64.13°N)and Swedish temperature, and the Northern Hemisphere tree ring all show that the multimode are universal in the climatic system.

Key words: probability distribution, multimode, equilibrium state, nonlinear fitting

摘要: 对气候要素的概率分布进行了讨论,根据这些概率分布的特点提出了多模态模型,并用非线性拟合的方法进行了验证。对赤道平流层纬向风、ENSO指数(ESI)序列、冰岛Reykjavik(21.90°W, 64.13°N)气压和瑞典温度、北半球树木年轮等数据的分析表明:气候系统中多模态现象具有普遍性。

关键词: 概率分布, 多模态, 平衡态, 非线性拟合

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