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The Study on the Slope Stability Near the Dam of ChenCun Reservoir

HU Xiaomeng   

  1. Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1998-06-12 Online:1999-11-20 Published:1999-11-20



  1. 北京大学城市与环境学系,北京,100871

Abstract: Since ChenCun dam was build, there have occurred some landslides near the dam, which do influence its security. What contribute to these landslides are such geological factors as faults, tension joints and bedding joints, and heavy rainfall during the rainy season. According to the structure of the landslides, they are divided into four types: slip-shear slide, burst slide, wedge slide and slump slide. After studying the relation of the precipitation during the rainy season and the number of landslides of every year (from 1982 to 1996), the author finds the majority of the landslides occurred in these rainy seasons when the precipitation is more than 600mm or 650mm. In order to assess the stability of the slopes near the Dam, some mathematical ways are used to calculate the general value of the slopes, which shows the stability of the slope. Based on the value, the slopes are divided into three types: the full-stable, the partly-stable and the non-stable. From these statd above, it can be known when and where the land slides would most probably take place, and then some measures would be taken in time to protect the slopes.

Key words: ChenCun Reservoir, the type of landslides, precipitation parameter, fuzzy assessment

摘要: 陈村水库坝址附近的库岸,自水库建成后曾发生过多次岸坡破坏。导致岸坡破坏的内在原因是不利的岸坡结构;外界因素是本区域梅雨季节时的大量降水的激发。根据滑坡体的结构特点,把岸坡的破坏方式分成四种类型:平面滑动前沿剪出型、溃曲破坏型、楔槽形破坏型、滑塌破坏型,以利于人们正确认识不同类型岸坡破坏的特点和规律。根据滑坡发生与雨量关系的统计规律,认为引发大量滑坡活动的梅雨期雨量阀值为600~650mm。通过模糊赋值的方法,对岸坡的整体做了一半定量的稳定性评价,依据反应其稳定性的综合分值高低,把岸坡分成稳定、不稳定及部分稳定三种类型。这样从时间上、空间上揭示了本区易引发滑坡的条件,为具体的岸坡防治工作提供指导。

关键词: 陈村水库, 滑坡类型, 雨量参数, 模糊评价

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