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Preparation and use of Antisera Against Rat Hepatic Lipase

YU Ruiyuan1, EBERT D L2   

  1. 1College of Life Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Received:1997-07-04 Online:1998-11-20 Published:1998-11-20


余瑞元1, EBERT D L2   

  1. 1北京大学生命科学学院,北京,100871; 2澳大利亚墨尔本大学,墨尔本

Abstract: According to rat hepatic lipase (RHL) cDNA nucleotide sequence and the predicted amino acid sequence, 3 polypeptides that correspond to amino, carboryl termini and middle part of RHL were chemically synthesized, coupled to carrierprotein keyhole limpet hemocyanin(KLH) respectively and then used as immunogens in rabbits. Antisera were raised and the titer (1:51200-102400) were detectable by ELISA. The antisera were applied to check the existing of RHL and their gene expression product by western blotting.

Key words: synthetic polypeptide, rat hepatic lipase, Western blotting, antisera, expression product

摘要: 按照RHL cDNA核苷酸序列所预示肽链的氨基酸序列,化学合成了与肽链N端、C端和中部相对应的3个肽段HL1、HL2和HL3,并将它们分别偶联上载体蛋白KLH,以偶联蛋白为免疫原免疫家兔,获得了抗血清。经ELISA检测表明,抗血清的滴度为1:51200~102400。用所制备的抗血清进行Western印迹分析,成功地检测了大鼠肝脏脂酶及其基因表达产物。

关键词: 合成肽, 大鼠肝脏脂酶, Western印迹分析, 抗血清, 表达产物

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