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The Study of Chlorite at Dajing Deposit in Innrer-Mongolia of China

AI Yongfu1, LIU Guoping2   

  1. 1Department of Geology, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2Beijing Institute of Geology for Mineral Resources, Beijing, 100012
  • Received:1997-01-23 Online:1998-01-20 Published:1998-01-20


艾永富1, 刘国平2   

  1. 1北京大学地质学系,北京,100871;2中国有色金属工业总公司北京矿产地质研究所,北京,100012

Abstract: Chlorite widely occurs in the alteration halo of hydrothermal deposits, it has been found in the alteration rocks of tourmaline-sericite-quartz, quartz-chlorite-hydrosericite and carbonate in Dajing Deposit. These rocks are adjacent to the ore body. The chemical composition of chlorite is complicated. After study the chlorite composition in Dajing Deposit as well as other deposits with same type worldwide, it is discovered that the ferriferous coefficient [Fe/(Fe+Mg+Mn+Ca)] of chlorite can be used as indicator for various metal assemblages in ore deposits. Chlorite in Dajing Deposits has an assemblage of Ag-Cu-Pb-Zn, which is high for ferriferous coefficient. While chlorite in Kwaisin and Cibai of Russia has the assemblage of Pb-Zn(where Zn is dominated)which contains species with low ferriferous coefficient. There is a positive correlation between ferriterous coefficient of chlorite and its occurring elevation. This is resulted from the variation of the activity of Fe and Mg, the acidity and alkalinity of solution in different elevation and deposits. Besides that, parameter b0 of unit in chlorite also shows positive correlation with its occurring elevation in Dajing Deposit and b0 is larger in shallow than that in depth. This is contributed to the closest-packed structure under the condition of high pressure.

Key words: Chlorite, ferriferous coefficient, b0 of unit cell, occurring elevation

摘要: 绿泥石是热液型多金属矿床中广泛分布的近矿晕矿物,在大井矿床见于近矿的电气石-绢云母-石英交代岩、石英-绿泥石-水绢云母交代岩和碳酸盐岩矿物交代岩中,绿泥石成分复杂,通过对大井矿床绿泥石成分测定,并与国内外同类型矿床中的绿泥石成分进行对比,发现绿泥石成分的含铁度[Fe/(Fe+Mg+Mn+Ca)]可用来标志矿床的不同金属组合。大井矿床为Ag,Cu,Sn,Pb,Zn组合,绿泥石为含铁度高的种属,俄罗斯克瓦依萨矿床和锡拜矿床是以锌为主的铅锌组合,其绿泥石为相对含铁度低的种属。大井矿床绿泥石成分的含铁度与产出高度具正相关特征,它与绿泥石成分中铁、镁活度和溶液酸碱度在不同矿床和在同一矿床垂直剖面上的变化有关。此外,大井矿床绿泥石的晶胞参数b0值与其产出高度亦显示正相关特性,产于浅部绿泥石的b0值大,产于深部绿泥石的b0值小,这是高压条件下利于紧密堆积结构的结果。

关键词: 绿泥石, 含铁度, 晶胞参数b0, 产出高度

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