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Surface Pollen and Its Climatical Significance of Vertical Zone in Beitai, Xiaowutai Mountain

YU Pengtao, LIU Hongyan   

  1. Department of Geography, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1996-11-11 Online:1997-07-20 Published:1997-07-20


于澎涛, 刘鸿雁   

  1. 北京大学城市与环境学系,北京,100871

Abstract: After a broad survey of the vertical zone in Beitai, Xiaowutaishan mountain, a surface pollen spectrum is established. The climatical significance of some important species, such as Picea meyeri, Larix principis-ruprechtii and Betula is also analysed. This research demonstrated: Surface pollen content of Betula and Pinus is much more than their coverage in community, so they have extra-representation; Surface Pollen content of Picea is corresponded with its coverage in community; Because Larix has low pollen productivity and bad preservation ability of pollen, it has low representation for its coverage in community. As for their climatical significance, Picea meyeri indicates cool-wet habitat; Larix principis-ruprechtii indicates cool-dry climate; Betula has a broad ecological amplification, Betula albo-sinensis has a natural inclination for cool climate, Betula platyphylla has a natural inclination for dry climate.

Key words: Surface Pollen, Vertical zone, Eco-climatical significance, Xiaowutai mountain

摘要: 在对小五台山北台北坡垂直带的植被进行全面考察的基础上,建立了垂直带的表土花粉谱,分析了白扦、华北落叶松和桦等物种的气候指示意义。研究表明:桦属和松属在表土中的花粉百分含量大于群落中植物的盖度,具超代表性;云杉的花粉百分含量与植物在群落中的盖度基本符合;落叶松由于花粉产量低,保存能力差,则具有低代表性。就其气候指示意义来说,白扦指示冷湿生境,华北落叶松指示冷干生境。桦属的生态幅度较宽,其中风桦最耐寒,白桦较耐旱。

关键词: 表土花粉, 垂直带, 生态气候意义, 小五台山

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