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The Complex Linear Representations of the Quaternion Algebras

WANG Qili   

  1. Hangzhou Institute of Electronics Engineering, Hangzhou, 310012
  • Received:1994-12-19 Online:1996-01-20 Published:1996-01-20



  1. 杭州电子工业学院数学教研室,杭州,310012

Abstract: Defined the complex linear representation of the generalized quaternion algebras over a field K, where K is a subfield of the complex number field C. We have determind completely these representations. Using this result, we gave a necessary and sufficient condition about the problem of the isomorphism of two generalized quaternion algebras.

Key words: quaternion algebra, complex liner representation, isomorphism

摘要: 定义并完全决定了广义四元数代数的复线性表示。利用这一结果,给出了两个广义四元数代数同构的一个充分必要条件。

关键词: 四元数代数, 复线性表示, 同构

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