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Application of Aircraft Wind Data in the Study of Atmospheric Boundary Layer

WEI Wei1, YE Xinxin1, WANG Haixia2, ZHANG Hongsheng1   

  1. 1. Laboratory for Climate and Ocean-Atmosphere Studies, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 2. Ningxia Sub-bureau of Northwest Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC, Yinchuan 750009;
  • Received:2013-12-26 Online:2015-01-20 Published:2015-01-20



  1. 1. 北京大学物理学院大气与海洋科学系, 气候与海-气实验室, 北京100871; 2. 中国民航西北空中交通管理局宁夏分局, 银川 750009;

Abstract: With the brief view of the application of meteorological data obtained by aircraft, based on the continuous wind data obtained by aircraft and WPR (Wind Profile Radar) from August 2009 to June 2010, in Shanghai, the authors analyze the application of airborne meteorological instrument measurements in the atmospheric boundary layer and puts forwards some possible error resources. Meanwhile, the correction methods are proposed. It is shown that the main difference between two observation methods is attributed to the systematic deviations of the instrument. At vertical levels other than the 300 to 1500 m height and with air temperature less than -8 °C and wind speed less than 1 m/s, the discrepancy between the horizontal wind speed obtained by aircraft and WPR increases significantly, which shows the limitation of airborne instrument measurements under this condition. The corrected aircraft data reveal the general pattern of the wind profile structure of the boundary layer in Shanghai.

Key words: aircraft observation, the atmospheric boundary layer, statistical analysis

摘要: 利用飞机和风廓线雷达2009年8月至2010年6月的连续观测资料, 讨论上海地区飞机测风资料在大气边界层风场研究中的适用性, 探究造成飞机资料偏差的可能原因并给出初步的修正方法。结果表明: 与风廓线雷达观测结果相比, 飞机观测得到的水平风速偏小, 这主要与仪器系统偏差有关; 在300 m高度以下, 1500 m高度以上, 以及气温低于-8℃, 风速小于1 m/s的低温小风情况下, 飞机观测得到水平风速的差异显著增大, 在这些条件下飞机对大气风场的探测具有局限性。用修正后的风速资料分析上海地区低层大气的风场结构, 得到的结果符合风场的一般变化规律。

关键词: 飞机观测, 大气边界层, 统计分析

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