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 Current Issue     2003, Vol. 39, No.6    Published on 20 November 2003
Why the Double Helix Model of DNA Structure is Considered as a Milestone in 20th Century's Life Sciences
XU ZHihong
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 749-752 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
DNA Open the Door of Life
- Heredity Development and Evolution
FAN Qichang,ZHU Zuoyan
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 753-759 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Development of Gene Theory
CHEN Yanhui,YANG Xiaoyuan,QU Lijia
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 760-763 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
DNA Double-Helix will Lead Human into a Biological Century
PAN Aihua
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 764-769 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
DNA and RNA Which Plays the Lead?
ZHU Shenggeng
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 770-774 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
DNA Sequence Divergence of Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase Ⅱ of Polyura narcaea in China
WANG Rongjiang,WAN Hong,LEI Guangchun,LI Shaowen
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 775-779 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
A Study on the Ultrastructural Changes in Tobacco Pollens during the Course of Cold Treatment
HUANG Tengbo,YOU Ruilin
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 780-791 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Numerous of Conserved Non-coding Sequences in the Pig (Sus scrofa) Genome
ZHONG Lan,LI Songgang,LI Wei
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 792-798 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
GAP-43 mRNA Levels Change of the Hippocampus in Rat after Impact Traumatic Brain Injury
YU Ruiyuan,SUN Jiurong,MU Xiaodong,WANG Yanfeng
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 799-803 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
The Anti-tumor Role of MTS1 Mediated by Adenovirus
YANG Baicheng,GUO Zhenquan,HUANG Yixiu,ZHANG Fengying,ZHU Shenggeng
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 804-808 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
A Preliminary Study to the Origin and Evolution of SARS-CoV
SHE Zhensu,YANG Zhu,OUYANG Zhengqing,ZHU Huaiqiu,WANG Chao,YIN Jianxin
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 809-814 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Studies on the General Performance of Partial Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Used in Oil Flooding
LIAO Guangzhi,MA Jiming,SUN Gang,NIU Jingang,ZHOU Jisheng,LIU Fengqi
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 815-820 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
The Principle and Geological Application of Unspiked K-Ar Dating
LEI Yongliang,MU Zhiguo,HUANG Baoling,MIAO Guojun
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 821-828 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
The Effect on the Rock Mass Stability due to Hydro-Occurrence Environment in Longmen Grottoes of Luoyang
ZHANG Chengyu
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 829-834 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
The Research of the Characteristics of Ultrasonic Velocity Dispersion in Fluid Saturated Rock
DENG Jixin,SHI Ge,YU Jun
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 835-843 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Studies on Characteristics of Surfactants Produced by Pseudomonas sp. S-7
HAO Ruixia,WANG Guanyu,PAN Yongqiang
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 844-849 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Morphological and Molecular Systematic Study on the Origin of Scleractinia
KE Yeyan,QI Wentong,GU Hongya
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 850-857 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
A Cladistic Study on Sublepidodendron (Nathorst) Hirmer and Its Related Genera
WANG Qi,HAO Shougang,WANG Deming
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 858-870 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Variation of Concentration of Atmospheric Peroxides in Beijing and Guangzhou
ZUO Peng,ZHANG Jianbo,YE Peng,ZENG Limin,HU Min,ZHANG Yuanhang
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 871-879 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Adsorption of Cr(Ⅵ) to Prepared Chitosan Ramifications
LIU Xiaopeng,ZHANG Jianbo,WANG Weijing,LI Feng
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 880-887 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Discussion on Green Landscape of Squares in Yan Garden, Main Campus of Peking University
WANG Xiaoxiao
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 888-895 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Effect of Distribution Constant and Gas Liquid Phase Ratio on Sensitivity of Static Headspace Gas Chromatography
WANG Yonghua
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 896-900 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
Baars' Theater Model of Consciousness
GENG Haiyan
2003 Vol. 39 (6): 901-907 [Abstract] PDF  (0 KB) 
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