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 Current Issue     2019, Vol. 55, No.2    Published on 20 March 2019
Extending Timed Abstract State Machines for Real-Time Embedded Software
SHAN Jinhui, ZHANG Lu, WANG Jinbo, ZHANG Tao
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 197-208 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (741 KB) 
Earthquake Prediction Research Based on Data of ETA
WANG Xin’an, YONG Shanshan, HUANG Jipan, Lü Yaxuan, ZHANG Xing, LIANG Yiwen
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 209-214 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (12883 KB) 
Retrieval of Precipitation by Using Himawari-8 Infrared Images
SUN Shaohui, LI Wanbiao, HUANG Yipeng
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 215-226 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (8539 KB) 
Combining GPM DPR with S-Band Radar to Retrieve RSD
CHEN Xintao, LIU Xiaoyang
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 227-236 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (5170 KB) 
Impact of EnKF Surface and Rawinsonde Data Assimilation on the Simulation of the Extremely Heavy Rainfall in Beijing on July 21, 2012
MENG Zhiyong, TANG Xiaojing, YUE Jian, BAI Lanqiang, HUANG Ling
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 237-245 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (5085 KB) 
A Synthetic Study on Full Seismic Waveform Inversion for One Dimensional Velocity Structure
CUI Congyue, WANG Yanbin
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 246-252 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1094 KB) 
A Method for Estimating the Site-Transfer-Function from Subway Vibration Data
SONG Zihao, HAN Xiaoming
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 253-261 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1038 KB) 
Stratigraphy, Geochronology and Tectonic Signification of the Permian Volcanic-Sedimentary Rock Series in Airgin Sum Area, Inner Mongolia
WANG Shichao, XU Bei, WANG Zhiwei, ZHANG Jiaming, LI Jin
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 262-276 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (48356 KB) 
Salt Structure Formation Modeling Controlled by Structure Inclination Angle: Take the Lower Congo Basin as an Example
WANG Dianju, LI Jianghai, CHENG Peng, LIU Zhiqiang, YU Fahao
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 277-288 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (28196 KB) 
Geomorphological Characteristics of the Quaternary Volcanoes and Their Tectonic Implications in Aershan Region, Central Greater Khingan Range
MA Yuxuan, LI Jianghai, CHEN Yaohua
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 289-298 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (33266 KB) 
Responses of Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes to Warming and Dominant Species Removal along Elevational Gradients in the Alpine Meadow on the Tibetan Plateau
WANG Ankuo, WANG Wei, ZENG Hui
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 299-309 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1808 KB) 
Ecological Security Assessment and Countermeasures of Water Environment Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Case Study of Xingtai City
LI Yuping, ZHU Chen, ZHANG Luxuan, WANG Yanchao, WU Zhijie, NIU Xuran
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 310-316 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (676 KB) 
Water Source Apportionment of Pollutions in Shenzhen Bay Basin
SONG Fang, QIN Huapeng, CHEN Sidian, ZHAO Zhijie
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 317-328 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2437 KB) 
Study on New Composite Flocculants in Dewantering of Dredged Sediments and Solidification of Heavy Metals
GUO Lifang, CHI Yaoling, ZHAO Huazhang
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 329-334 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (846 KB) 
Clustering of Lake Variables Based on Pattern Recognition Method
REN Tingyu, LIANG Zhongyao, CHEN Huili, LIU Yong
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 335-341 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2519 KB) 
Evaluation the Effects of Wind Erosion Control Projects in Typical Sandy Area Based on RWEQ Model
ZHANG Hanbing, GAO Yang, CUI Yanzhi
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 342-350 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (12099 KB) 
Semi-Captive Habitat of Wildlife Tourists with Different Demographic Characteristics: Deep Ecology Perspective
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 351-359 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (422 KB) 
Thio-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane-Modified Porous Glass-Ceramics as New Sorbents for Palladium (II) Separation from Wastewater
TAO Huchun, HUANG Shuaibin, GU Yihan, ZHANG Lijuan, ZHU Lili
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 360-366 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (11062 KB) 
Evaluation of Health and Economic Benefits from “Coal to Electricity” Policy in the Residential Sector in the Jing-Jin-Ji Region
ZHANG Xiang, DAI Hancheng, JIN Yana, ZHANG Shiqiu
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 367-376 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2243 KB) 
Identifying the Impetus of Chinese Household Consumption of Carbon Emissions in Structural Path Analysis
ZHANG Qiongjing, TIAN Yushen, MA Xiaoming
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 377-386 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1612 KB) 
Root Traits Variation in Inner Mongolia Grassland of China
MA Fang, ZENG Hui, LI Hongbo, MA Zeqing, GUO Dali
2019 Vol. 55 (2): 387-396 [Abstract] HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2279 KB) 
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