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 Current Issue     2018, Vol. 54, No.1    Published on 20 January 2018
Static Analysis of Injection Security Vulnerabilities Based on Symbolic Execution
SUN Jinan, PAN Kefeng, CHEN Xuefeng, ZHANG Junfu
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 1-13 [Abstract] PDF (809 KB) 
An Efficient Safe Directory Based File Protection Mechanism
SHEN Manting, YU Yinyan, TANG Zhi, CUI Xiaoyu
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 14-24 [Abstract] PDF (678 KB) 
An Improved Multi-band Loudness Compensation Method Based on Nonlinear Frequency Compression for Digital Hearing Aids
GUO Zhaoyang, WANG Bo, WANG Xin’an, ZHANG Guoxin
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 25-34 [Abstract] PDF (8571 KB) 
Automatical System to Generate High-Quality Chinese Font Libraries Based on Component Assembling
LIU Chengdong, LIAN Zhouhui, TANG Yingmin, XIAO Jianguo
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 35-41 [Abstract] PDF (1362 KB) 
Fracture Development Characteristics in Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoir and Its Inspiration on Remaining Oil Recovery: A Case Study on the Chang-722 Layer of Yanchang Formation in Xin’anbian Area, Ordos Basin
LU Xiangwei, DU Shuheng, ZHENG Kui, ZHANG Huanguo, SUN Tong, WANG He
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 42-48 [Abstract] PDF (13452 KB) 
Sedimentary and Geochemical Characteristics of Lacustrine Deposits of Member Ⅲ of the Shahejie Formation in Dongpu Sag
PANG Dawei, JIANG Feihu, MU Xiaoshui, PENG Yang, DONG Lin
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 49-60 [Abstract] PDF (61101 KB) 
Formation Ages, Petrogenesis and Geological Implications of the Archean Granitoid Rocks in the Xinbin-Weiziyu Area, Northern Liaoning Province
WANG Kang, LIU Shuwen, WANG Maojiang, WANG Wei, YAN Ming
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 61-79 [Abstract] PDF (53921 KB) 
Storage of Water in Inorganic Salt Hydrates and the Implications to Latent Heat in Phase Changes
ZHAN Jia, QIN Shan, GAO Jing
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 80-86 [Abstract] PDF (1287 KB) 
Similarity-Weighted Super-Virtual Interferometry to Enhance First Breaks
Lü Xuemei, AN Shengpei, HU Tianyue, CUI Yongfu
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 87-93 [Abstract] PDF (1655 KB) 
Climatic and Environmental Changes in More Than the Past 1800 Years as Recorded by Isotopic Carbon and Nitrogen in Organic Matter of Sediments from Western Foye Chi (Buddha Pond) on Taibai Mountain
GAO Yishen, WANG Hongya, CHENG Ying, LIU Hongyan, ZHU Chenyi
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 94-104 [Abstract] PDF (7631 KB) 
A Method for Extraction of Newly-Built Buildings in Road Region Using Morphological Attribute Profiles and One-Class Random Forest
SHI Zhongkui, LI Peijun, LUO Lun, YANG Ke
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 105-114 [Abstract] PDF (31955 KB) 
Simulation of Temporal and Special Land Use Changes in Jing-Jin-Ji Urban Agglomeration Using CLUE-S Model
ZHANG Jin, ZHU Wenbo, WU Shuyao, LI Shuangcheng
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 115-124 [Abstract] PDF (9653 KB) 
Approaches of Buildings Carbon Mitigation Based on Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Civil Building Energy Consumption: A Case Study on Shenzhen, China
LIU Shuangshuang, WANG Jun, XU Ye, ZENG Hui
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 125-136 [Abstract] PDF (3070 KB) 
Characteristics of Water Quality Changes in the Futian Mangrove National Natural Reserve
NIU Zhiyuan, SHEN Xiaoxue, CHAI Minwei, XU Hualin, LI Ruili, QIU Guoyu
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 137-145 [Abstract] PDF (2959 KB) 
On-road Transportation Carbon Emission Characteristics of Main Roads and Low-Carbon Transportation Development Scenarios in Shenzhen, China
XU Ye, WANG Jun, LIU Shuangshuang, ZENG Hui, HUANG Lian
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 146-156 [Abstract] PDF (3588 KB) 
Study of an Optimum Population under the Water Environmental Restriction
FU Zhenghui, LU Wentao, ZHAO Haojin, GUO Huaicheng
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 157-161 [Abstract] PDF (361 KB) 
Survey Research on Residential Building Energy Consumption in Urban and Rural Area of China
WANG Yue, ZHAO Pengjun
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 162-170 [Abstract] PDF (499 KB) 
A Study of Ecological Water Requirement and Efficiency of Water Allocation Based on Oasis Irrigation Area Scale: A Case of Middle Reaches of Heihe River
MENG Jijun, WANG Jiangwei, WANG Ya, ZHOU Zhen, JIANG Song
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 171-180 [Abstract] PDF (1873 KB) 
Research on Land Use Functions Classification and Evaluation System Based on System Theory
LIU Chao, XU Yueqing, LIU Yanxu, SUN Piling, HUANG An, ZHOU Jian
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 181-188 [Abstract] PDF (642 KB) 
Isolation, Identification, and Biodegradation Characteristics of a Benzo[a]pyrene-degrading Bacterium Acinetobacter sp. Bap30
ZHU Tingting, NI Jinren, PENG Shenghua
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 189-196 [Abstract] PDF (356 KB) 
Research on the Premium Effects of Visible Water Volume on Residential Land Price: A Case Study in Shenzhen
WU Jiansheng, ZHU Jie, LIAO Xing
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 197-206 [Abstract] PDF (21814 KB) 
Community-Based Tool for Sustainable Transition: Reflection on a Garbage Sorting Experiment in Beijing
TONG Xin, TAO Dongyan, FENG Ling, WEN Bufan
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 207-217 [Abstract] PDF (1145 KB) 
Key Processes and Mechanisms of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in Lakes
WU Zhen, WU Sifeng, LIU Yong, ZHANG Yuyu, XIE Shuguang, GUO Huaicheng
2018 Vol. 54 (1): 218-228 [Abstract] PDF (574 KB) 
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