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 Current Issue     2018, Vol. 54, No.5    Published on 20 September 2018
Dynamic Model of Pivoting Friction and Experimental Evidence
WANG Chen, ZHANG Hongjian, WANG Xiaojun, SHI Yuhong, ZHANG Xi, LIU Caishan, WANG Haiying
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 915-920 [Abstract] PDF (1812 KB) 
Signal Processing Method for Mattress-Type Physiological Monitoring
SHEN Jinpeng, WANG Xin’an
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 921-926 [Abstract] PDF (3355 KB) 
A Design of 10B SAR ADC with Novel Mixed-Monotonic Capacitor Switching Scheme
GE Binjie, LI Yan, YU Hang, FENG Xiaoxing
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 927-934 [Abstract] PDF (7091 KB) 
The HLBP and CHLBP Features for Pedestrian Detection
CHENG Ruzhong, ZHANG Yongjun, LI Jingjing, WANG Guopin, LEI Kai, ZHAO Yong
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 935-945 [Abstract] PDF (11351 KB) 
Improvements on Transient Power Law Model under HBM Stress
CAO Xin, CAO Jian, WANG Yize, WANG Yuan, ZHANG Xing
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 946-950 [Abstract] PDF (510 KB) 
Microlens-Based Continuous Depth Map Estimation with the Plenoptic Camera
YANG Peng, YAN Lei, ZHAO Shoujiang, YAN Yizhen, ZHAO Hongying
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 951-960 [Abstract] PDF (39821 KB) 
Identification of Supercooled Water Clouds by Using Micro Pulse Lidar
SONG Jiye, TAN Wangshu, LI Chengcai, YU Yingli, LI Jian, CHU Yiqi
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 961-969 [Abstract] PDF (5225 KB) 
Application of SOM Method in Summer Precipitation Patterns in Eastern China
LUO Weimeng, QIAN Weihong, JIANG Ning, LEUNG Cheuk-Hin
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 970-982 [Abstract] PDF (4905 KB) 
Passive Source Reverse Time Migration Method to Image Discontinuity Beneath Irregular Free-Surface
LIANG Zuokui, GE Zengxi
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 983-993 [Abstract] PDF (16706 KB) 
A High Precision Automatic 3D Geological Modeling Method Based on ANSYS Workbench: A Case Study of Gas Hydraterelated Slipstream Submarine Slide
LONG Songbo, HE Tao, LIANG Qianyong, LAN Kun, LIN Jinqing, DONG Yifei, HE Jian
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 994-1002 [Abstract] PDF (8232 KB) 
Shallow Sea Deghosting with Pseudo Velocity Method
CAO Luqing, HU Tianyue
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1003-1009 [Abstract] PDF (5929 KB) 
Origin of Cherts during the Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition in Hunan and Guizhou Provinces, China: Evidences from REE and Ge/Si
WEI Shuaichao, CHEN Qifei, FU Yong, CUI Tao, LIANG Houpeng, GE Zhihua, ZHANG Peng, ZHANG Yong
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1010-1020 [Abstract] PDF (5222 KB) 
The Aeolian Bedforms and the Reconstruction of Late Holocene Wind Direction in Qaidam Basin
WU Tongwen, LI Jianghai, YANG Menglian
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1021-1027 [Abstract] PDF (41209 KB) 
Comprehensive Depositional System and Reservoir Characterization Study of Chang 4+5 Reservoir of Yanchang Group, Infill Well Region in Baiyushan Area, Ordos Basin
LIU Yuyang, PAN Mao, LIU Shiqi, SHI Yongmin, DONG Yue, ZHANG Zhiqiang, WANG Ziyuan
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1028-1038 [Abstract] PDF (13844 KB) 
Influence of Two Quinolone Antibiotics on Mercury Methylation Bacteria of Geobacter sulphurreducens PCA
TAO Huchun, MA Biao, DING Lingyun, WU Qingqing, GAO Yue
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1039-1045 [Abstract] PDF (748 KB) 
Research on Adsorption of Nitrate and Phosphate from Aqueous Solution by Covalently Bounded Quaternary Ammonium Activated Carbon
YANG Yaxin, WANG Hong, ZHAO Huazhang
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1046-1052 [Abstract] PDF (4872 KB) 
Hydrology Effect Evaluation of Green Infrastructure Based on HSPF: A Case Study on Dalang River Basin
XING Yinghua, CHENG Xiang, QIN Huapeng, ZHAO Zhijie
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1053-1059 [Abstract] PDF (17362 KB) 
Fast Determination of Multiple Antibiotics in Mussels Based on Extraction and UPLC-MS/MS
XU Yaru, LI Jie, WANG Zhifen, GAO Yue, XU Nan
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1060-1066 [Abstract] PDF (1458 KB) 
Comparative Study on Macroinvertebrate Communities in Confluence Areas from Typical Tributaries to Mainstream of the Yellow River
XIE Yuan, JIANG Xiaohui, WANG Ting, XU Xuming, NI Jinren
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1067-1076 [Abstract] PDF (1014 KB) 
Occurrence of Antibiotics in Water, Sediments and Seafood in Aquaculture Area of the Pearl River Estuary
HAO Hongshan, XU Yaru, GAO Yue, WANG Zhifen, LI Jie, XU Nan
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1077-1084 [Abstract] PDF (571 KB) 
Spatial Analysis of Reverse Logistics for Waste Mobile Phone Based on Extended Producer Responsibility
HUANG Huiting, WANG Tao, TONG Xin
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1085-1094 [Abstract] PDF (997 KB) 
Exploring Recovery Time of Eutrophic Lakes with a Minimal Phosphorus Recycling Model
WU Sifeng, LIANG Zhongyao, LIU Yong
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1095-1102 [Abstract] PDF (722 KB) 
Risk Assessment of Exposure to PM2.5 in Beijing Using Multi-Source Data
ZHANG Xiya, HU Haibo
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1103-1113 [Abstract] PDF (15609 KB) 
Spatial Characteristics of Retail Stores in Multiple-Size of Cities in the Central Region of China
CAI Ailing, WANG Jun, LI Jingxian, DU Yihang
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1114-1122 [Abstract] PDF (4141 KB) 
Harmonious Personality, Social Support, Self-Control and Work-Family Conflict: Comparison of Three Models Based on Occupational Groups
CHEN Yidi, GAN Yiqun
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1123-1132 [Abstract] PDF (705 KB) 
Transmission Mediums Based Ecosystem Services Classification System
WU Shuyao, LI Shuangcheng
2018 Vol. 54 (5): 1133-1136 [Abstract] PDF (372 KB) 
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