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The Calculation of Transport for Curved Tubes with Permeable Arterial Wall

WANG Xin,HUANG Hao,WEN Gongbi   

  1. Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complicated System Research, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2000-06-15 Online:2001-09-20 Published:2001-09-20



  1. 北京大学力学和工程科学系,北京,100871

Abstract: The transport of macromolecules in curved tubes with permeable arterial wall was simulated numerically. The fields of axial velocity, the fields of secondary flow function and the distribution of wall shear stress along the transverse section of arterial wall were obtained under different Dean number, 10≤De≤10800. The concentration fields under different Dean number and Peclet number, 10≤De≤2 000,1≤Pe≤4,were calculated in curved tube with permeable arterial wall and effects of parameters,such as shear stress, mass flux of arterial wall, on mass transfer were studied. It was found that steady laminar flow become unsteady with the increase of De. The concentration in inner section of transverse section of the tube is higher than other areas, and with the increase of De and Pe, the concentration there increase obviously. It indicates that for the permeable arterial wall, the macromolecules are likely to gather in the areas where axial velocity and shear stress are relatively low, thus indicates why location of atherosclerosis frequently occurs at inner side of curved tube.

Key words: curved tube, the transport of macromolecules, secondary flow

摘要: 用数值模拟的方法研究了血管壁为可渗透的情况下弯曲血管的传质问题。在不同的Dean数下,10≤De≤10800,计算了弯曲血管内的二次流、轴向速度场和剪应力沿管壁分布的情况。计算求得了在不同Dean数和Peclet数下,其中10≤De≤2000,1≤Pe≤4,在可渗透边界条件下弯曲血管内的浓度场分布,并分析了诸如壁面剪应力及跨壁流量等参数对传质的影响。计算表明随着Dean数的增加,定常层流开始失稳。血管截面内侧区是浓度分布较高区域,并且随着Dean数和Peclet数的增加,内侧区浓度明显增大。证实了在边界可渗的情况下,大分子更易聚集在弯曲血管内轴向速度较低的低剪切区。这也可解释动脉粥样硬化病灶发生部位多在弯曲血管内侧壁的原因。

关键词: 弯曲血管, 大分子传质, 二次流

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